Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Search

I found that Madison had 2 permanent, 1 temporary and 9 contract jobs available. The contract jobs are mostly immediate opening positions. The qualification and requirements for those task are really low. 

I tried to search for manpower Malaysia. I found the location and the address for the headquarters in Malaysia. They initially had a website for manpower, but it is not working anymore. I guess they took the website down recently. However, I happen to have come across their Facebook page. Their last post was dated on July 2013 and there were no up to date information on the page.

For Buffalo New York, there were 5 Permanent, 3 Contract and 1 temporary job available. The permanent job mostly require computer skills and it usually provides benefits for their employees. The permanent job also requires the candidates to be really responsible and able to communicate well. Meanwhile, the contract jobs require simple qualifications. I think the reason why Buffalo has more Permanent jobs is because the city is a big and growing city compared to other pats. Therefore, the organizations and companies there are seeking for people who can work long term.

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  1. Isaac, your experience with this assignment is very interesting. It is cool to see that ManPower did exist in Malaysis at one point but has not been kept up to date anymore. I also found many temporary and contract based work probably because it is around the holiday season and employers now people are looking for fast, easy money. Like you, I saw that many jobs wanted candidates with communication skills as well as responsibility, as they all stressed organization and working to enhance the team.