Sunday, November 9, 2014

Manpower Inc. Search

Madison had primarily contracted labor listings with a good mix of of skill levels. There were low skill level manufacturing jobs listed as well as engineering and IT positions. My hometown of Oconomowoc had a lot more temporary jobs listed and almost entirely low skill positions. The last location I looked at was Seattle. Seattle had a lot more of a focus on permanent and contracted labor in a wide variety of high skilled positions and no manufacturing jobs listed. it also had more positions listed over all. A lot of the manufacturing jobs seemed steadier in terms of long term employment but they seemed like less interesting jobs. It did not really surprise me on the types of jobs listed in my home town or Seattle but what was listed for Madison seemed odd because, at least on campus, there many high skilled jobs available that aren't necessarily temporary. If these are accurate representations of the labor market in each area it seems like bigger cities are better but I get the impression that what is posted is dependent on the culture of the city. There are a lot of good job opportunities here in Madison but there was not so much of a presence of that online, were as Seattle seems like a much more online centered culture and were likely utilizing a service like this as a stylistic choice as opposed to and functional one.

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  1. I wanted to search for Seattle in the first place, but then I decided to choose Buffalo, New York instead. The results were somewhat similar with Seattle, it was mostly permanent jobs there too. I also find that your findings on Madison was really interesting and agree with that thought.