Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I found a Hybrid Course at Oregon State University and the only thing that was a bit different from the style of LIS 201 was that exams and quizzes were taken online as opposed to in the lecture hall. Aside from that, everything ranging from lectures consisting of videos to group activities online was the same. This course taught me to become a bit more comfortable publishing any sort of content online because I knew that it was going to be read by several different people- inspiring me to put forth more effort and thought into my works. Furthermore, I believe I was still a more effective student in person because that style is more natural for me. I was able to learn a great deal about the students in my class by reading their introduction pages and their published works; something that is hard to accomplish in large lectures where hardly anyone talks. Given our increased reliability on digital technology, I believe a hybrid approach can, with enough time, become a more effective learning and interactive tool-it will just take some getting used to. Although I did not enjoy reading the articles for the sake of homework and quizzes, I really enjoyed all the knowledge I attained from them. I learned a great deal about the online community and how it functions as an entirely different world, a virtual world, where almost everything done in person can be done online. This understanding also allowed me to cut back on my social media use because I feel that I sometimes I was “absent in presence.”

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