Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Online Voice

After reading through all my article blogposts, I found that I first started off with a more formal tone in my reflection blogpost. Given that I have no prior experience with blogging, I felt that people were all going to read my blog and I took the post way too seriously. As the semester went on, I had more experience with blogging and I found that the content of my posts were also interesting. The things that we had to blog about were interesting things to talk and read about.  Other than that, I notice that the length of my posts were quite consistent and I did not make much typing errors in my posts. I personally think that I was able to get to know other people from my class better too.

Furthermore, I found that the online assignments given to us were all really helpful and beneficial. It helped us to be more prepared and more engaged in both our class and discussion. I definitely have gained so much more through doing the online assignments. With the online assignments, we were able to do more research and some hands on activities.

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