Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Online/Hybrid Course

I think the idea of this course being a hybrid-based course is similar to what I saw online at the UW-Milwaukee example. I think one thing that differs with our course was that it is more based in-person, rather than online, while I think some hybrid courses are more online based. I believe one of the beneficial things I saw when looking some other examples, however, was that they varied and there is no exact qualifications for a hybrid course. I think this means that there is a greater degree of flexibility in designing the course, which fits this course well. I think to an extent the online portions of the course connected with the in-person portions. Some of the online activities felt meaningful, while some felt forced. I think part of that is requirements of the course. I understood the need for structure, but sometimes felt as though it was more difficult to spend a similar amount of time composing a response compared to other weeks where the content was interesting and in depth. I do like the use of blogs and wikis, but in this class did not like that there were two mechanisms of learning. I prefer to do everything in one spot and would have preferred if the course featured either the wiki or the blogspot. I believe that it is really difficult to explain quantitative reasoning in written materials, and think that online activities really only work best with reading passages or other entities involving reading and language. I think this course definitely provided insight into my life and made me more meta-cognitive of why I use technology and its impact on society. I think that sometimes the online activities felt more like busy work, but the discussion, readings, and lecture was more practical to finding information about technology around me.

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