Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Voice

Online Voice: Blog Reflection

After reading over the compilation of my blog posts throughout the semester, I can confirm that my writing for the weekend assignments compliments the other work I do in LIS 201 very accurately. In other words, I can assert that I am consistent with all the work I do in this course. Specifically, I feel like I always try to include as much detail as possible, and really focus on “showing” rather than “telling”. For example, comparing my weekend assignments with my prepared and extemporaneous speeches, it is transparent that I show effort in both and try to use as much evidence to make my point. One place where my blog posts differ is that in many cases they weren’t as extensive in length as say my formal essays, Powerpoint presentation, or even essay on the exam. Although this is true, I believe that having to blog every week has benefitted me as a writer because it has taught me to make what I am trying to say more concise and succinct. Thinking about all the work I have done thus far in LIS, I believe my second paper represents me as a student most precisely and effectively. Looking back, I definitely have enjoyed blogging as it relates to taking advantage of technology, as we all able to see each other’s posts and comment on each other’s work. Furthermore, it is a bit more informal and laid back instead of having to peer revise a classmate’s essay. I really think that my blog posts do a good job at representing my effort in this class and showcase my abilities as a writer.

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  1. I liked how you brought up how using the blog has changed your style of writing. Often when typing online instead of into a word document I often feel like I am addressing a different audience. It is peculiar to imagine if my posts would have differed had I written them all to a word document then posted them after. Overall I think your post is really insightful about how we write differently based on our audience.