Monday, December 1, 2014

Hybrid Courses

            I did a web search for hybrid courses and the first one I saw was UW Milwaukee. Overall they seemed to be quite similar to LIS 201 with the aspect that they had face-to-face time and online activities. But one difference I found was that in some of them was that the first two weeks or so of the course was face-to-face but then the next month was all online. I liked how LIS was structured because we got to meet face-to-face every week and discuss the online activities and readings with other people.

            I don’t think I was more or less effective in the virtual world or the physical world but I do think they tied together well and gave us a different perspective on the material. I think in today’s society it is important for people to be able to interact with these online activities because that is the way we are headed. It definitely helps in some instances but I still feel like you need that face-to-face contact and discussion. I think the readings and the lectures brought up a part of technology that I didn’t even think about. Yes, I knew we were becoming more dependent on technology, but you don’t really understand the severity of it until you take a step back. This class gave a good perspective on our technological dependence and I think it is important for people of our generation to learn.

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  1. That's interesting that the UW-Milwaukee course took a different approach in that they dedicated one segment of the semester to be taught online and one face-to-face. I am actually pretty glad that we didn't take this approach. The lectures and online activities intertwined into weekly assignments made it easier for me to learn. Furthermore, I agree with your statement about a change in perspective after all the readings and assignments. I really enjoyed all the excess knowledge I acquired through lectures and readings that enabled to see in more detail the technological revolution unraveling itself right before our eyes.