Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Experience

At the University of Iowa, they are required to take a general education class called Rhetoric (RHET 010) as their English class. Similar to LIS 201 they were required to give two in class speeches during the semester and post discussion questions online that they must also respond too.  LIS 201 differs because of the extemporaneous speech and rather than writing our own discussion questions we were given a topic to write on, yet we still responded to our classmates writing.

LIS 201 overall was a good experience. I found the power lecture to be much more interesting than most power lectures I have had before and all of the content, both lecture and readings, were fascinating because it applied to everyday lives. I think the online portion of the class was just the right amount because I also enjoyed the balance of discussion and being able to work and collaborate with my classmates. I felt that I was able to balance my contributions as a student to the same extent physically and virtually. I especially liked that for the final project we were able to choose our own book. It has been interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts in discussion on the readings that so closely relate to our lives and interactions with electronics but having the freedom to then select our own book on the same topic that we found interesting made it much easier to complete. I learned about many things I was unaware of while catering to my own interests. This class allowed for me to really grow as both a writer and a speaker and I am incredibly grateful for that. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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