Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Experience

I took a look at the University of Colorado's hybrid courses which seem to focus more on independent study than this course. They seem to focus on online groups and activities to work together online and less in person. I feel like this is closer to a full online course and I would want no part of it. There is something about online class resources that just make me cringe a little. They are always awkward to use and never allow any timely communication, or encourage it. I never bothered to look at what people commented on my posts this entire semester (no offense) because it was not required. There is this notion that you just need to get the work done and move on. I got a lot more out of the actual discussions sections just because I was there focused and listening to what everyone else was saying, not just doing my post and one comment and checking out. I have never used an online resource that actually forms a space that people want to collaborate and work in. It's just post and move on, which is not a good way to learn. For this class, it seemed like the online sites were just for posting homework and projects and the discussion section and lecture were what still drove the course.

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