Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 14

Hybrid courses are though to replace face-to-face learning with learning activities conducted online. The University of Texas offers hybrid courses and how to design a hybrid course. The difference between LIS 201 and Texas hybrid courses is the discussion component. Texas restricts class to lecture and online activities, while LIS introduces discussion classes. I think it is very beneficial to have the discussion class and 1 less lecture. Personally, I believe every lecture should be paired with a discussion. Students should have the chance to discuss the lecture's material, especially when a lot of professors have difficult material and it is the first time students experience it. I believe I'm more a productive student in the physical world because I feel like the virtual world has no direct contributions. I don't get to see the direct results of what I send in virtually, but in person I visually see the results. However, the online activities were a good way to learn how to use applications such as wikiblog and other tools. I think I learn more about people when I meet them in person, which is why I know my classmates better when I talk to them in class, rather than learn about them over a blog. I honestly believe this class has helped me to put how I use technology in a better perspective. I firmly believe technology and interacting online has its downfalls, which is why now that I have a smart phone I take great care to make sure my social life doesn't change for the worse.


  1. I agree with your point about the discussion sections. I learn so much more in discussions and any class that does not have one is comparatively more difficult.

  2. Great to hear that you were able to take this class right before your phone upgrade so you are well aware of how to monitor technology's role in your everyday life!