Thursday, November 6, 2014


After being disconnected from my mobile device along with any form of communication such as social networking, I felt that it was very challenging task to do so. At times, I felt very disconnected and did not know what was going on around me. I often check Facebook multiple times a day, so I found it a bit difficult trying to avoid this social networking site and connecting with my close friends. During the first day, I did not check Facebook or Twitter at all which was very difficult, however, I did use my mobile phone to call my friends in order to make plans for the weekend. Throughout the process of being disconnected, my biggest challenge was not having the ability to use my phone. I was not able to disconnect from my phone during this challenge and have to admit that it was nearly impossible for me to do. Even though I managed to go without social networking for the first day, I checked Facebook the morning of the second day. It is often one of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning and quickly realized that I was not supposed to go on any social networking sites. Throughout the day, I did check Facebook and definitely had an urge that I had to see what my friends were up to. Although, I found this assignment a challenge for me, I now have a better understanding about connecting with people and how important it is in order to assimilate into modern society as well as obtaining information.

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