Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Course Experience

After experiencing this class for a semester I feel like I have never taken a course like this before. It was different to have games, videos, articles, and other online activities paired with a class and discussion. I think I personally connected with the in person parts of this course moreso than the online portions because it is a more traditional learning experience for me, where online I am alone and without a professor or other students near by. So, to me in all honesty the online worked seemed more like busy work than anything, because none of it really came up on exams and was lightly touched on in discussions. I felt like it was kind of something just for ourselves, and less for the class. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, some of the online activities I actually enjoyed doing, it just did not seem to play a huge role in the class. Over all I enjoyed how the class was set up and actually enrolled into LIS 202 in hopes it is something similar.

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