Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Online Voice

I think that I've been pretty consistent in how I have presented myself throughout all of my online blog posts. I think my writing is slightly more formal than it would be in person just because I have more time to compile all of my thoughts, and really think before I write something down as opposed to when I am just speaking in person. I would say that my true personality or voice would be in how I conduct myself in person, but that is not say that I am not authentic or true in my writings as well. I just feel that how someone acts in person and the personality that they show in that setting is much more real than the personality that they convey through their writing or their online profile because that is much more natural than anything that is online. Now, while I feel that how I present myself in person is a better representation of who I am as a person, I don't necessarily think that that showcases my talents best. For example, I am not a very good public speaker- I stutter sometimes, I don't make very good eye contact, and I get really nervous. You won't find a better representation of me as a public speaker than that, but it clearly doesn't showcase my talents very well. Also, I feel that my writing is slightly more formal, and doesn't depict me as a person as well it does showcase my talents a little more. Overall, I think a you need a combination of both voices to really get a full sense of who a person is.

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