Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Online Voice

Looking back on my posts and comments throughout the year, I think I have a more or less negative tone about my writing. I tend to choose the opposite or downside of the writer or opinion question. for example I always say that technology is making us less social, more dependent, and more depressed. This is, however, how I feel. It may not emulate exactly who I am in real life, but my writing always seems to question the authority and play Devil's advocate in the negatives soemthing could bring to the table. Even looking at my second paper, many people whose papers I reviewed took a positive light for their new up an coming website, where I decided to speak against my new website and pick all the flaws it has.

Comparing my writing to my speeches and daily voice, I also have a  much more formal and direct tone in my writing versus my speech, where I rely on hand gestures and tone inflection, and in writing it is harder to express that. Overall I think my writing has remained fairly constant, although through the reading and activities my overall understanding of the subject has gone up. I almost would say many of these articles helped confirm a confirmation bias about my ideas.

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