Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Online Voice

I think that I've been consistent in how I have presented myself throughout all of my online blog posts. My writing is more formal than my when I speak in person but a lot of that is because I want it to be more formal. When speaking what I say is not always thought out and formalized unless if it is in a speech in which I have time to prepare and make it sound a lot more formal. I definitely think that how someone acts or talks in person is more indicative of how they present themselves in writing or even in a speech because when writing people often tend to want to portray their best aspects and opinions. I do, however, think that speeches go into a completely separate category than writings and the way somebody answers a discussion question in class. People, including myself, often get nervous when speaking a prepared speech publicly leading to stutters and a lot of "ums". I think that while speaking is a better representative of a person, writing is also very important because it shows how someone wants to present themselves.

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