Saturday, December 6, 2014

Course Reflection

At first I had no idea what hybrid or blended course really mean. When I looked it up online, I found that it was courses that involves both physical interaction and also online learning. UW-Milwaukee was the first link that showed up when I googled it. I think the concept is somewhat similar where students would also have to interact with each other online. It also do involve face-to-face coursework that requires student to meet in class for the scheduled hours.

I believe the online assignments was really helpful. Also, it was really helpful that we get to read other students reflection on the article before we meet in discussion. I think it was interesting to read everyone's blog in the beginning when we had to share things about ourselves. Given that most people are connected to the internet nowadays, I think it's a good idea to have at least some online components in a course. 

The material covered throughout the semester had definitely gave me a better view of the information society. It discussed about a lot of things that we see but never really thought/talk about. The topics covered were really interesting. As students, I think we could really understand how the information society is and students are also able to reflect their experiences with others in discussions.

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  1. Isaac, this final blog post is very interesting and I agree with you that is important for classes to introduce an online component because that is the social norm in today's society. However, with this being true we need to uphold the value of in person communication and continue to stress building personal skills so students can be successful working with teams in a career setting. Also, I agree with your opinion on the fact that the online assignments in LIS 201 were very helpful, as well as how learning about the information society was very interesting. Nice final reflection!