Friday, December 5, 2014

Online Reflection

All of my blog posts allow me to present myself in a more thoughtful manner than I would be able to in person. The reason for this is because I have more time to gather, formulate, and develop my thoughts when I am presenting them in a timely manner. In person however, I have a less time to put to together my thoughts and communicate them. In exams, I have even less time to develop my thoughts into their maximum potential so that method of presentation is also not as good as those in my discussion blog. Thus, I think the most effective way to present my thoughts in this course was through the discussion blog; for me, the amount of time allotted to an assignment/task is almost always positively corrected with the quality. Despite the effectiveness of my blog posts, that is not to say that my other modes of presentation are not truly what I believe. I believe each way that I present myself is “the most true,” but each way serves as a different way of communicating my truth. As I previously stated, since the discussion blog allows me to put more thought into the assignments, they showcase my talents more since I have more time to develop my ideas.

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