Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Voice

After reading through all of my blog posts for the weekly online assignments, I'd say that they do a good job of matching how I present myself in the other aspects of the class. I like to think of myself as a funny guy (keyword: think) so my blog posts are sometimes informal and try to have some humor in them to match my personality.  Most of time my posts were primarily serious and were full of information and data but I tried incorporating my personality into them sometimes to give it a narrative feel. I would say that my blog posts match how I present myself in discussion because I do a good job at being both serious and not so serious when I discuss my points with the class. However, my blog posts don't match how my writing is with the formal writing assignments or work on the exams at all. When it comes to formal papers, my writing is very formal and intellectual and I usually don't include any of the humorous side of my personality in my writing. My blog posts and class discussion are the most true to my personality, but my formal writing assignments are my academic side since they're the serious/hardworking/intellectual side of personality. I think all of the aspects of the course did a good job of allowing me to showcase both my formal and informal talents.

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