Friday, December 5, 2014

Online Voice

After looking through my blogposts, I found them to be an accurate representation of myself. I personally enjoy writing essays and blogposts because they allow me to lay out all of my thoughts. Often times when talking in class or giving speeches I will realize that I had more to say but the chance to speak has passed because of the way the conversation flows. Therefore I think my blogposts really express my opinions because I have the opportunity to go back and add more of my thoughts.  Comparing my writing to my speeches and in class voice though I think my writing often times sounds like how I would present my ideas minus all of the filler words that result from nerves. When speaking I have noticed that I tend to use “um” and “like” when moving between thoughts. Overall though I think that both writing and speaking aspects are important for a class to be successful since learning happens differently for each person.

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